Una Grammatica Italiana per Tutti 2

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Una Grammatica italiana per tutti 2 is for teenage and adult students and can complement almost any textbook, in that it was designed following a continuum, both for grammar and vocabulary, that reflects textbooks used in language courses of this level. The book can also be used for self-teaching thanks to its exercise keys and to its clear and modern layout.

In Una grammatica italiana per tutti 2:

  • Grammar explanations and exercises are placed side by side in order to clarify student’s most frequent questions and doubts.
  • A practical approach has been adopted targeted at students’ real difficulties and demands.
  • There is a wide range of exercises with their exercise keys.
  • Consultation becomes very easy thanks to topic division and to a clear and modern layout.
  • Grammar structures are explained clearly yet thoroughly thanks to simple language and various examples taken from real everyday language.
  • Numerous summary tables in the Appendix help the student study.
  • This second volume (B1-B2) includes: indefinites, comparatives, question forms, relative and combined pronouns, imperative, subjunctive, passive “si”, indirect speech, subordinations.

Una grammatica italiana per tutti 2 is a complete and enjoyable book.

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