Pearson Active Readers

Pearson English Active Readers are the new brand for Penguin Active Readers. The same stories your students love to read, now with a new look. Pearson English Active Readers are for the language learner who benefits from integrated activities throughout the text, and interactive practice opportunities on an accompanying CD-ROM with audio or MP3 files. These beautifully illustrated adapted and original stories are written for learners across five graded levels with GSE and CEFR alignment for proper placement. Highlights

  • Reading longer passages, answering exam-style questions, and writing essays help students practice academic skills.
  • The CD-ROM?s exercises and quizzes check vocabulary and reading comprehension and the full text audio enhances listening skills.
  • A range of fiction and non-fiction titles keep learners interested and motivated to read more, improving their reading fluency.
  • GSE and CEFR bands on the book covers identify scalable leveling and facilitate progress tracking.
  • Free downloadable teaching notes, worksheets, and tests save teachers time and guide lesson planning.


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