Change Up

Change-Up! is a topic-based course designed to accompany learners in the transition from basic users into independent users of English.

The material is structured around three central phases: Experience (authentic texts), Discover (structure of language in real contexts)

and Communicate (language in use).


Pre-Intermediate Workout

• 15 units of revision and consolidation of functions and structures.


Student’s Book

• 3 Topics, each made up of 3 Units.

• Towards Certification section prepares for Cambridge English: First.

• 22 page Grammar Reference.

• Inward Eye, an approach to literature in English.



• With and without key / audio transcripts versions.

• Consolidation of structures and lexis.

• Writing File: models of written production required by Cambridge English First.


Teacher’s Book

• Suggestions for activities at varied levels of difficulty.

• Answer Keys to all activities.

• Transcriptions of all recorded material.

• Intermediate and Upper Intermediate photocopiable testing material.

• Introduction to CLIL.

• 2 listening Tests CDs.

• Test-Maker CD-ROMs.


Online Teacher's Resources

• All course listening material in MP3 format.

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