Una Grammatica Italiana per Tutti 1

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Una grammatica italiana per tutti 1 is the first of two grammar books specially designed for foreign students of Italian. The first volume covers the elementary level (A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

In Una grammatica italiana per tutti 1:

  • Grammar explanations and exercises are placed side by side in order to clarify students’ most frequent questions and doubts;
  • A practical approach has been adopted targeted at students’ real difficulties and demands;
  • There is a wide range of exercises with their exercise keys;
  • Consultation becomes very easy thanks to topic division and to a clear and modern layout;
  • Grammar structures are explained clearly yet thoroughly thanks to simple language and various examples taken from real everyday language;
  • Numerous summary tables in the Appendix help the student study.
  • This first volume (A1-A2) includes the following grammar elements: nouns, articles, present indicative, past tense, and imperfect, future, imperative, conditional, adjectives, prepositions, direct pronouns, “ci” and “ne”, indirect pronouns, impersonal “si”.

Una grammatica italiana per tutti 1 is a complete and enjoyable book; it can complement almost any textbook and can be used for self-teaching thanks to the exercise keys in the appendix.

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