Sprint is a new general English course for teenagers in four levels, taking students to the B1 level of competence of the CEFR.

The stimulating content, coming with both print and digital components, will help students to become passionate about language learning  and English-Speaking World.

Sprint is both teacher friendly and student friendly, thanks to the clear graphics and layout of the sections, as well as the precise cross referencing within the material. In addition, the course provides teachers with a wide choice of extension tasks, to take students to a level of excellence or to broaden their knowledge at each given level.


Student’s Book + Downloadable Digital Book

• Ten-page units, opening with a Vocabulary presentation and a double language input: narrative texts (articles, blogs, web pages,

interviews) in Presentation 1, followed by a photo story with dialogues in Presentation 2.

• Further Grammar sections, communicative Functions, Build your Competences sections (with thorough 4-skills work, cultural

topics, CLIL readings and Kids at Work! activities).

• Test your Competences and Extra Practice recapitulative exercises with self-evaluation, every two units.

• Culture and Festivals: sixteen-page, full colour final section dedicated to history, culture and main celebrations of the English-

Speaking World.

• Word Bank (Levels 1 and 2) with cross referenced, illustrated tables and photographs of the vocabulary presented within each unit.

• Drama Reader (Level 1 and 2): great literary classics to be read for pleasure and performed on stage. Simplified according to level,

these feature introductions, pre-reading tasks and after-reading vocabulary and writing tasks.


Workbook + Audio CD

• Six-page units: 2 Vocabulary&Functions pages, 2 Grammar pages, 2 Build your Competences pages.

• Grammar Reference: final section offering a summary of all the grammatical structures, in order of appearance in the Student’s


• Word List: all the words, unit by unit with phonetic script.

• Exam-style tasks familiarize the students with Cambridge English or Trinity certifications format.


Digital Book

• Downloadable version for the Student and in DVD for the Teacher.

• Leaf-through Student’s Book and Workbook.

• Interactive exercises and integrated resources to be used in class with IWB: Grammar Reference, Word Bank, Functions videos, an

ELI digital game for each level, and much more!

• Karaoke function to help text reading, Listen and record your own voice function.


Teacher’s Book + 2 Class CDs

• Introduction to the course’s methodology.

• Information on the Common European Framework of Reference and Cambridge English and Trinity certifications.

• Teaching notes, extra activities, cultural notes.

• Reproduction of Student’s Book pages and related Answer Keys, Workbook Answer Keys, transcripts of recordings.

• Two Class Audio CDs containing all the listening material for the Student’s Book.


Tests & Resources

• A completely photocopiable section of the Teacher’s Book, containing a wealth of evaluation and testing material.

• Entry Test – to assess students’ level of overall linguistic competence.

• Reinforcement Worksheet with lexical and grammatical exercises for each unit in the course.

• Unit Tests, available in two versions: row A and row B.

• Round-up Tests covering two units and presenting summative exercises of grammar, vocabulary and functions.

• Competence Tests on Reading, Writing, Listening, Spoken Production and Spoken Interaction.


Test maker Multi-ROM

• Editable tests in Word® format allow adaptation to the class’s interests, needs and level.

• Recordings for listening texts.


4 Posters Pack

• Available with Level 1: UK&Ireland, USA, English-Speaking World, Phonemic Chart.

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