Mika In Real Life

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A Good Morning America Book Club Pick!'Definitely 'best books of 2022' material!' Glamour'By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this is a total joy of a read' Holly Miller, author of The Sight of You'With the offbeat humour and poignancy of Maria Semple and Kirsty Capes, this has the potential to be a big hit' Bookseller, Editor's ChoiceAT 35, MIKA SUZUKI IS STRUGGLING. She's been fired (again). Her last relationship went up in flames.

Her mother is perpetually disappointed in her. And now, she's had a phone call from sixteen-year-old Penny Calvin: the baby she reluctantly placed for adoption when she was just a teenager herself. Penny has questions - and Mika is desperate to meet her girl.

But she barely feels like she can take care of herself. Is she ready to show Penny who Mika Suzuki really is?***'A sheer delight' Rochelle Weinstein'Had me laughing, crying and cheering' Lauren Kate'Hilarious, tender and very real . .

. for every humnan trying to figure it out' Nancy Jooyoun Kim


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