Brother Grimm

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From the pen of prizewinning and bestselling author Craig Russell, comes this exquisitely plotted, intelligent and blindingly original crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you like Stuart MacBride, James Oswald and Ian Rankin, you won't be disappointed. 'A blood-curdlingly clever plot...thoughtful and imaginative' - THE TIMES'A gorgeous, grisly serial-killer tale' - EXPRESS'I read this book in one sitting, sat on the edge of my seat and tapping my kindle like a demented wood pecker.' -- ***** Reader review'Addictive' -- ***** Reader review'An absolutely gripping read!' -- ***** Reader review'I really couldn't put this down and was disappointed every time I had to stop reading.' -- ***** Reader review**************************************************FAIRY TALES DON'T ALWAYS END WELL...

A Hamburg beach: a girl's body lies, posed, on the pale sand, a message concealed in her hand. 'I have been underground, and now it is time for me to return home...'Jan Fabel, of the Hamburg murder squad, struggles to interpret the twisted imagery of a dark and brutal mind. Four days later, a man and a woman are found deep in woodland, their throats slashed, the names 'Hansel' and 'Gretel', rolled tight and pressed into their hands.

As it becomes clear that each new crime is a grisly reference to folk stories collected by the Brothers Grimm, the hunt is on for a serial killer who is exploring our darkest, most fundamental fears. A predator who kills and then disappears into the shadows. A monster we all learned to fear in childhood.


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