A Dark-Adapted Eye

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'A rich, complex and beautifully crafted novel' P.D. JamesThe prize-winning classic that 'changed the thriller landscape', with a new foreword from Val McDermid. VERA HILLYARD.


Faith Severn's life has long been overshadowed by the mystery surrounding her aunt. A respectable woman who committed a crime so terrible she was hung for it. Now, the time has come to piece her story together.

What secret caused two devoted sisters to turn from love to hate? And was Vera born a killer. . .Or was she driven to it?'Brilliantly plotted.

Vine is not afraid to walk down the mean streets of the mind and can build up an almost tangible atmosphere of menace and unease' Daily Telegraph'Will linger in your memory long after you have closed the book. A first-rate novel' Washington PostA Dark-Adapted Eye is a modern classic. If you enjoy the crime novels of P.D.

James and Ian Rankin you will love this book. Barbara Vine is the pen-name of Ruth Rendell. She has written fifteen novels using this pseudonym, including A Fatal Inversion and King Solomon's Carpet which both won the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award.

Her other books include: A Dark Adapted Eye; The House of Stairs; Gallowglass; Asta's Book; No Night Is Too Long; In the Time of His Prosperity; The Brimstone Wedding; The Chimney Sweeper's Boy; Grasshopper; The Blood Doctor; The Minotaur; The Birthday Present and The Child's Child.


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