Opie Jones Talks to Animals

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10-year-old Opie Jones is Very Ordinary. In fact nothing remarkable has ever happened to her, if you don’t count the funny looks from next door’s cat (which she doesn’t). So she is naturally very surprised when she is recruited to join The Resistance – a team of superheroes who can read minds, and have a dastardly brainwashing villain to defeat. HOWEVER . . . it turns out Opie can’t read human minds, she can read ANIMAL ones. The other members of The Resistance are very disappointed. And a whole world of animal chat and demands is opening up to Opie. She’s still a superhero, just one on her hands and knees in the mud, chatting to a pedantic worm. HOWEVER . . . when The Resistance find themselves captured, it might just be that listening to all the creatures great and small is what makes Opie Jones the right person to save the world.


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