Chilly Winnie

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Brave the cold with Winnie, the world's wackiest witch, and her cat Wilbur, in two wintry stories. In Abominable Winnie, Winnie thinks 'abominable' means 'really nice'. She soon finds out she's wrong when she makes an abominable snowman! In Woolly Wilbur, it's a snowy day and Winnie's desperate for a cup of hot chocolate.

But getting to the shops iseasier said than done! These heart-warming and hilarious stories are ideal for children who are gaining more reading confidence, with carefully levelled, accessible text and Korky Paul's wonderfully wacky colour illustrations. Tips for parents and fun after-reading activities help you to get the most out of the stories. Featuring much-loved characters, great authors, engaging storylines and fun activities, Read with Oxford offers an exciting range of carefully levelled reading books to build your child's reading confidence.

Read with Oxford Stage 4 equates to Oxford Levels 6 and 7 used in schools. For more information about the Read with Oxford Stages, as well as practical advice, free eBooks and fun activities to help your child progress, go to Let's get them flying!


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