Weathering With You

Artikelnummer: 9781975399368
Vorige Artikel 100 van 3660 Volgende
€ 19,95 (inclusief btw)

Longing to escape his island home, a boy named Hodaka runs away during hisfirst summer of high school to find a new life in Tokyo. As rain falls for dayson end and Hodaka struggles to adjust, he meets a girl named Hina who holds amysterious power: With a single prayer, she can part the clouds and bring backthe sun. But her power comes at a price, and as the weather spirals further andfurther out of control, they must choose what future they truly want forthemselves.

Written concurrently with production of the 2019 film WeatheringWith You, this novel comes straight from director Makoto Shinkai, the mindbehind 2016's hit your name.!


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