Hooey Higgins And The Christmas Crash (Steve Voake, Emma Dodson)

Artikelnummer: 9781406343328
Vorige Artikel 1206 van 1457 Volgende
€ 7,95 (inclusief btw)

It's snow season in Shrimpton – time for the nativity play and perfect conditions for testing the SHRIMPTON SUPERSONIC SLEDGE. One Christmas Crash later, Basbo is crumpled up in hospital and Twig's nan is stuck on the ward downstairs after an incident with a slippery salmon fritter. But Hooey and friends are determined that Nan won't miss out on seeing Twig play lead SHEEP-BOY in the Christmas show... There's only one obstacle: STARK-STARING BUG-EYED MAD NURSE MALONEY!      


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