Mrs Mole, I'm Home! (Jarvis)

Artikelnummer: 9781406372434
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“A worthy successor to Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth ... reading it aloud should trigger instant cries of “Again!” Guardian  Morris the mole can’t find his glasses anywhere . So, he decides to go on without them, trusting his instincts to lead him the right way home to his waiting family and delicious dinner of worm noodles. “Mrs Mole, I’m homeeee!” he sings … as he burrows right into some poor unsuspecting rabbit family’s hole. Oh dear. Without his spectacles, Morris really can’t see a single thing – how will he ever get home? With perfect comic timing and a whole lot of heart, Jarvis will have all readers rooting for Morris to find his family, and rejoicing in the idea that – glasses or no glasses – you can always make your way back to home sweet home.      


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