The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty

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Universes don't build themselves. We have staff for that. We call them gods...

When a young god named Bernie gets a job building universes, it starts a series of humorous mishaps leading to world-shaking revelations. Challenged by his supervisor to prove his worth, Bernie sets out to build a new world but hits roadblocks every step of the way. At first, he thinks there's an inherent problem in his design but discovers that his universe is being sabotaged.

Competition is tough in the universe building business. Rivals spring up from anywhere, and incompetence will land you on the street. If Bernie can't get his world working in time, his dream of becoming a professional universe builder will be shattered.

On this extraordinary journey of creation, destruction, and subterfuge, Bernie unlocks a mystery that transforms the universe building landscape. Now all he needs to do is to save his world from being completely destroyed.

The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty is a refreshingly original story that follows the path of a young god as he struggles to achieve his lifelong dreams. Filled with humor, action, and crazy twists, this coming of age story is epic fantasy and science fiction at its best. If you enjoy imaginative fantasy, like Harry Potter, Peter Jackson, or the tales of Terry Pratchett, then this what you've been waiting for.

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