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Studio is the exciting new six-level course for adult learners from A1 to C1 (Beginner to Advanced), with an innovative lesson-based approach to topics. The Studio ‘space’ allows students to be creative and provides teachers with clear, easy-to-teach lessons. Three main lessons (two at Beginner) cover vocabulary, grammar and skills work. Video-based functional lessons (101 Things to do in English) and comprehensive Review lessons complete a course that gives students scope to be creative with language.
With each lesson linked to a different topic channel, Studio heightens student motivation and interest.

  • Topic variety with the 12 Studio channels.
  • Pairwork Activities also available on the Helbling Media App.
  • 101 Things to do in English videos.
  • Videoscapes: place your students in the scene.
  • Video: video- and audio-based lessons in each unit.
  • Vocabulary Beats: downloadable audio tracks with words and phrases set to music.
  • Language studio: a complete reference for Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.
  • e-book+ with extra interactive Reading and Listening activities.
  • Helbling Media App for Teachers
  • Studio Workbook


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