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This book introduces the theoretical and empirical bases for the definition of language learning level in functional 'Can Do' terms for the English Profile Programme, setting out the ambitions of the Programme and presenting emerging findings. The English Profile Programme is an elaboration of the performance level descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) that is concerned specifically with the English language. The CEFR has become influential in building a shared understanding of performance levels for foreign language learners. However, there is a considerable gap between the broad descriptions of levels provided, which covers a range of languages and learning contexts, and the level of detail required for applications such as syllabus or test design, which this volume addresses. With its combination of theoretical insights and practical advice, this is a useful work for academics, policy-makers, curriculum designers, textbook writers, postgraduate students and examination board staff.  Key features  Contributes to and extends existing knowledge of the CEFR levels. Provides a review of the CEFR and related material in terms of both theoretical basis and practical applications, combining theoretical insights with practical advice for professional educators. Provides guidance to users of the CEFR on adapting the framework to local needs. Offers tables mapping the progression from A1 to C2 for English, including new 'Can Do' statements based on the CEFR theoretical model for the C levels. Provides a methodology for identifying the level of input texts for teaching and testing reading skills. Includes an up-to-date review of relevant literature on language functions and educational objectives.


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