Smart Choice Level 2 Multi-pack A With Online Practice And On The Move

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The Smart Choice Student Book/ Workbook Multi-Pack combines half of the Student Book and half of the Workbook content in one book - ideal for shorter English courses!Students have everything they need for success in the classroom as well as Self-Study activities and access to On the Move activities and Online Practice to keep learning outside class, wherever they are! The trusted Smart Choice 'one page=one lesson' approach, providing the perfect balance of challenge and support. All-new speaking pages to strengthen fluency through fun games andactivities.  Smart Choice On The Moveactivities and games, optimized for use on smartphones, strengthen vocabulary and grammar and provide instant scoring.  Smart Choice Online Practice provides up to 30 hours of additional course-correlated practice activities and the chance to keep communicating outside of class with a Discussion Board. The Workbook section provides additional Self-Study practice for all grammar and vocabulary covered plus extra reading, listening, andpronunciation practice. 


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