Oxford Read And Imagine Level 3 Soccer In The Street Audio Pack

Artikelnummer: 9780194019798
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Ben is going to play a soccer match, but he wants new soccer shoes. Far away, a boy called Victor plays soccer in the street. He's a fantastic player. He doesn't have any soccer shoes. Find out how the two boys become friends, and what Ben learns.Watch your students grow up with Rosie and Ben as they enjoy reading at the right level. The language is carefully graded so the Readers are easy to use alongside any coursebook or for reading alone.  A powerful partnership with the non-fiction series Oxford Read and Discover means students can explore the same topic through fact and fiction. Read an adventure set in Africa’s Serengeti,  Can You see Lions?  and then find out more about how animals use camouflage in Oxford Read and Discover Camouflage .  Learners can complete activities whilst reading or after reading – some with supporting activities for the Cambridge Young Learner Test. Picture dictionaries and glossaries help with unknown words along the way.


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