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Options for life, options for learning

OPTIONS 3 provides the perfect start for learners at B1.

It offers innovative approaches for differentiated learning in, and beyond, the classroom.

OPTIONS 3 reflects the transition of the pre-teen child into adolescence – a transition which varies in duration from individual to individual. The contexts and tasks are designed to nurture the students’ increasing sense of identity. Real-world topics lead into discussion questions which help teenagers to develop both the self confidence and logical thinking to evaluate what they read and to present their opinions with reasoned arguments.

OPTIONS 3 presents Everyday English expressions via a video strand: The Café (soap opera). Seeing these expressions combined with the body language and facial expression of the teenage characters makes them easier to understand, as well as more memorable.
OPTIONS also prepares students to take their place in society as global citizens by raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are introduced through videos with young presenters in an engaging and accessible way before being explored in more depth in a reading text, also available in the Basic and Enriched version, to support differentiated learning.

OPTIONS 3 also offers Projects & Exam Preparation materials.


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