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Options for life, options for learning

OPTIONS 2 provides the perfect start for learners at A2.

It offers innovative approaches for differentiated learning in, and beyond, the classroom. Basic (simplified) and Enriched (more challenging) versions of the main reading texts in the Student’s Book support learning in the mixed ability classroom. Choose A or B tasks occur several times in each unit, enabling the differentiation of sub-competences in the areas of speaking and writing. A digital audio player allows students to listen at different speeds, so that the students feel comfortable and can increase the speed gradually.

OPTIONS 2 uses a classroom based video story: The After School Club, to present new language whilst also widening the students’ horizons with authentic-style texts and real-life contexts.

The course also prepares students to take their place in society as global citizens by raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are introduced through videos with young presenters in an engaging and accessible way before being explored in more depth in a reading text.

OPTIONS 2 also offers Projects & Exam Preparation materials.


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