Busy Builders Board Book (Rebecca Finn)

Artikelnummer: 9781447257608
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With lots to see and heaps to do, in Busy Builders young children really can join in by pushing, pulling and turning the tabs to bring the building site to life. Climb a ladder, make a crane lift heavy loads high up into the sky, then knock down a building with a giant wrecking ball.  Perfect for toddlers who like to play as they read, they will love this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text and wonderful illustrations by Rebecca Finn, which is part of the Busy Book series. Busy Builders has been endorsed and recommended by Dr Amanda Gummer's Good Play Guide. Keep little ones busy with more of the Busy Book series: Busy Garage, Busy Airport, and Busy Railway .

A first novelty board book for young children about a building site, with push, pull and turning mechanisms


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