I Broke the Internet

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Bestselling author Andy McNab joins forces with award-winning author Phil Earle for this laugh-out-loud follow-up to Get Me Out of Here! With fun illustrations by Robin Boyden! Life has changed for Danny and his mates since they survived the horrors of their disastrous school trip. Footage of Danny zip-lining out of the most savage storm of the year went viral, making him, and the others, local celebrities. Next thing they know, Danny wins a prestigious award for bravery, and is flown out on an all-expenses-paid trip to a fancy resort in Norway with his friends.

The kids can't believe their luck! Their flight, the resort and all of the amazing things they get to do and see - it all seems too good to be true. Which is exactly what makes Danny suspicious... The fantastic follow-up to Get Me out of Here! Brilliantly funny, Andy McNab and Phil Earle are a laugh-out-loud writing duo that children will love.

Perfectly illustrated by Robin Boyden, featuring a whole host of characters that are full of personality. A great book for children who are less comfortable with reading, or who aren't quite sure what books they like yet.


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