No Said Rabbit

Artikelnummer: 9781912650248
Vorige Artikel 32 van 1822 Volgende
€ 17,30 (inclusief 9% btw)

An everyday battle of wills between a mother and child where everyone ends up a winner!

Rabbit is happy doing his own thing, and he doesn't want to listen to his mum telling him to get up, get dressed, have breakfast, play outside, come inside and least of all... have a bath! NO, NO, NO! he says. But at last they hit on something they both love doing together.

  • Perfectly pitched and re-assuring for parents whose child is being contrary
  • Interactive, with dramatic irong for fans of Jon Klassen, and the emotional payoff of THE HUG
  • ’It's a declaration of love through everyday actions.’ Swedish Library Service, who liken it to GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU
  • Funny and striking cover really stands out: this debut has sold rights in 8 languages pre publication


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