Neurolanguage Coaching: Brain Friendly Language Learning

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- why the brain blocks when learning a language
- which coaching and teaching methods are brain-friendly - and which are brain-zappers
- how to harness principles of coaching and neuroscience to give your learner fantastic results, every time.
It seems every day an exciting new discovery is made about the human brain. Neurolanguage Coaching is a model that brings together crucial findings in the fields of neuroscience and integrates these into a coaching process to revolutionise language learning as we know it.
As well as highlighting evidence of interest to all practising and aspiring language coaches, this book offers invaluable insight distilled from years of coaching, and from teaching other coaches, giving practical advice to fit any coaching situation, and every highly unique brain.
Within is also a toolkit full of new, tried-and-tested, brain-friendly Neurolanguage coaching models, as well as how and why applying these Neurolanguage Coaching techniques can lead to more happy, fluent and confident learners.
This is a book for language teachers, educators, language learners, polyglots, coaches interested in languages and anyone who is interested to discover more about their own brain!


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