Big Bad Bubble (Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri) Paperback / softback

Artikelnummer: 9781783441556
Vorige Artikel 820 van 1808 Volgende
€ 9,30 (inclusief 9% btw)

 An ordinary bubble may seem pretty harmless to you. To the monsters of  La La Land, however, a fragile, shimmering bubble is an object of  terror, and when the frightening habits of bubbles are detailed by a  fear-mongering monster, Yerbert, Froofle and Wumpus run away and cry.  But with encouragement from the narrator and from readers the three learn to  confront their fears and triumph over the bubbles! ?Rubin and Salmieri are two of the weirdest, funniest guys working in kids? lit today.? Publishers Weekly


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