Ten Cars And A Million Stars (Teresa Heapy, Sue Heap)

Artikelnummer: 9781406377897
Vorige Artikel 1303 van 1808 Volgende
€ 15,95 (inclusief 9% btw)

From the bestselling team behind the Very Little series, this is a witty  counting book for children learning numeracy. Big sister Alice is brilliant at counting – one day, she decides to show her baby brother  how it's done. She starts simply enough:  the Baby has one giant teddy, two floppy bunnies and three shaky rattles. Soon Alice has counted all the way up to 100 toys  – and the Baby is very impressed. After 100, however, things get a  little trickier. How many snowflakes are there in a snowstorm? Or stars in the sky? With a charming twist at the end, Teresa Heapy's gentle story  is the perfect match for Sue Heap's bright, child-friendly pictures.      


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