Let's Find Out: My Rebus Readers Box 1 - Single Copy Set

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Let's Find Out: My Rebus Readers Box 1 - Single Copy Set


Teach early-reading skills and give little learners confidence with simple, fun nonfiction for pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade!


Let's Find Out: My Rebus Readers Box 1 includes:


    • 24 full-color, 8-page books to build your classroom library.

    • Simple nonfiction texts to raise the confidence of your early readers with rebus picture support, patterned text structures, repeated high-frequency words, and consistent print placement.

    • High-interest, real-world topics that are presented with eye-popping photos that get students excited to learn.

    • Important vocabulary in every book exposes students to words they might not otherwise encounter, such as "nocturnal," "pilots," and "gusty."

    • Science and social studies topics to increase content-area knowledge and support the subjects you're teaching.

    • Introduction to nonfiction at an early age gets students ready for the type of reading they'll be doing in grade school and beyond.

    • Colorful, durable box that makes a perfect storage solution for your new readers.

  • Texts are leveled according to Guided Reading Levels B, C, D, E, and F.


Let's Find Out: My Rebus Readers Box 1 features these 24 titles:

Animal Skeletons

Animal Tongues

B Is for Babies

Big Brown Bear, It's Time for Bed!

Butterfly in the Garden

City Dog Country Dog

Colors in the Cold

Eyes at Night

Feast in the Forest

Henry and I Took a Walk Together

Home in a Hole!

I Spy a Spider

It's Raining! It's Pouring!

Swish, Swish! Look at Those Fish

That's Not My Shadow!

This Cub, That Cub

Under My Feet

What Do You See by the Seashore?

What Is Wind?

What's Inside These Blue Eggs?

When Water Freezes

Who Is Out and About in the Snow?

Who Works at Night?

Whooo Is Awake at Night?


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