Psychology for Language Teachers Paperback

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Psychology for Language Teachers examines the field of educational psychology and considers various ways in which a deeper understanding of this discipline can help language teachers. The first part presents an overview of educational psychology, and discusses how different approaches to psychology have influenced language teaching methodology. Following this, four themes are identified: the learner, the teacher, the task and the learning context. Recent psychological developments in each of these domains are discussed and implications are drawn for language teaching. Areas considered include approaches to learning, motivation, the role of the individual, attribution, mediation, the teaching of thinking, the cognitive demands of tasks and the learning environment. Psychology for Language Teachers does not assume previous knowledge of psychology.    Only book at present dealing with psychology from social constructivist view point in ELT. Presents an overview of eductional psychology, and discusses how different approaches have influenced language teaching methodology.  Potential as adoptable text on MA courses in ELT / applied linguistics.


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