Instant Academic Skills Book with Audio CD

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A photocopiable resource book for teachers of English for Academic Purposes. Instant Academic Skills provides ready-to-teach, photocopiable lessons for busy teachers who want to give their students extra practice in general academic skills. The lessons cover all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and can be taught individually or as a learning 'unit'. Challenging activities develop skills vital to academic success such as identifying key ideas and details, predicting content and efficient note-taking, while lively speaking tasks get learners ready to participate in debates and presentations. The Audio CD includes a variety of native and non-native accents in typical academic scenarios such as lectures, interviews and formal talks.  Key features  This title contains skills practice on a wide range of topics which would appeal to students preparing to enter a variety of disciplines. The tasks and activities in this book specifically cater for the needs of Upper-Intermediate and Advanced learners of English. Each lesson is accompanied by clear, concise and comprehensive teacher's notes which provide optional extension exercises and ideas on how to adapt the lessons for lower levels.


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