Fusion Level 5 Teacher's Pack

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A fresh new six-level course, offering a student-centred and integrated skills methodology to prepare students for the real world.With Fusion, you can teach your students the language and skills they need for the real world today.  The integrated skills approach means language is introduced and skills are practiced through authentic, real world contexts. Each unit ensures students' cultural awareness and 21st century skills are being developed alongside their English,meaning you can be sure your students will be equipped for life beyond the classroom.  The Teacher's Pack includes a Teacher's Guide and the Classroom Presentation Tool.  The Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step guidance on each lesson in the Student Book, as well as teaching tips on introducing new educational trends into your classroom, ensuring you are supported all the way.  The Classroom Presentation Tool allows you to project the Student Book page on yourinteractive whiteboard. This means you can playaudio and video directly from the page, as well as access extra critical thinking activities and vocabulary and grammar practice exercises.


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