Via del Corso A2 SB + WB + Audio CD (x2) + DVD

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Via del Corso is addressed to adult and young adult students of A2 level. It is an innovative Italian language and culture course. It is divided into four levels, and revolves around a story that takes place, in this volume, in Florence and Rome. The story has a strong impact on students: it intrigues and motivates them while it creates excitement and empathy, acting as a catalyst for the learning process.

It is a noir comedy narrated through a sit-com and a graphic novel. Video and comic strips are fully integrated in the structure of the course and do not just represent an extra resource. Students are directly involved as they can themselves choose the ending of the story.

In order to facilitate the lesson, all episodes are also presented on the Audio-CD as radio drama, while the animated version of the comic strips is also available on the DVD. This choice strengthens the oral and written inputs, which result in being more coherent from a communicative and pragmatic point of view.

Other features of Via del Corso:

  • Gradual progression: taken into account to meet students’ needs and the linguistic level of reference
  • Playful activities: included in all four the student’s book, the workbook, the teacher’s guide and the i-d-e-e platform; the activities also include many different educational games connected in a gamification scheme
  • Inductive approach: through guided activities, students are constantly invited to discover new inputs, to make and to verify hypothesis
  • Short units and inputs: for a faster and more flexible course, to minimize the affective filter and to maintain students’ motivation stable
  • Modern language: students are introduced to spontaneous and natural dialogues, including language interjections, idioms and useful expressions of everyday life
  • Active teaching: problem solving, information gap, task-based activities and cooperative activities are included to increase students’ involvement and to make them more independent
  • Cultural and intercultural aspects: they can be found both in the units and in the section Italia&italiani; they are also supported by authentic videos created ad hoc
  • Macro - and micro - spiral approach: the vocabulary is systematically revisited to allow students to consolidate new inputs
  • Layout: both the student’s book and the workbook are in full colour, featuring creative, clear, captivating and functional layout



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