Imagine 6 with the Spark platform

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Bringing the real world to your classroom is now as easy as ABC! With exciting content from National Geographic, Imagine makes it simple to introduce curious young learners to the world and everything in it. Step-by-step language presentation and structured practice give children the English they need. Now, everyone can learn English, while learning about the world – and having fun!


Students get speaking right away with the support of useful conversation models and opportunities for communication and collaboration.

Structured presentation and practice help learners use vocabulary and grammar to communicate confidently.

Engaging phonics lessons and games help young learners connect English letters and their sounds to become independent readers.

Students are introduced to common types of everyday writing through carefully structured lessons.

Songs, chants, and games practice and reinforce concepts and essential language in a playful and meaningful way.

All audio and video for students is included with Online Practice.



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