Roald Dahl Rotsome and Repulsant Words

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Now in a new format, this little hardback book is full of Roald Dahl's most rotsome language as well as a raft of snippets of serious language facts for cheeky chiddlers. This little book is full of vermicious tips, definitions and examples from the World's No.1 storyteller.


  • A little hardback giftbook which takes a light-hearted look at the naughtiest words and phrases created by the World's No.1 Storyteller Roald Dahl
  • Builds vocabulary with real words, language facts, origins and more
  • A dip-in and dip-out fun and anarchic way for children aged 7+ to learn
  • A selection of the most mischievous naughty words, definitions and examples from the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary plus much more!


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