Grammatica Di Riferimento Dell'italiano Contemporaneo

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The Grammatica di riferimento dell’italiano contemporaneo is a synthesis of the most advanced information obtained from Italian language research in the field of scientific grammar, school grammar and grammar for foreigners. It describes the grammatical and syntactical structures in current Italian , is scientifically rigorous , and at the same time clear and accessible to all .  Features of the text Theoretical concepts are reduced to the minimum necessary and technical terms are almost completely abandoned. The only traditional categories retained are those that are truly useful in the practice of spoken and written Italian. Many aspects of grammar and almost all aspects of syntax are not dealt with following the traditional categories (“Parts of speech”, “The sentence”, “The clause”, etc.), but are covered in practical chapters that stem from the titles that describe them: How do you tell the time, talk about a place or a process;  How to express purpose, cause, and consequence ; How a hypothesis is expressed ; How words are formed , etc. The central part of the work is a chapter that collects together 80 syntax tables for readers who are less open to novelty, covering the traditional notions of the syntax of a phrase and a sentence (subject, predicate, complement, main clauses, types of subordinate clauses, etc.), while a rich and detailed analytical index allows you to quickly identify all the topics discussed.


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