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Francofolie , French course in two levels for the first two years of second secondary school. The course leads students progressively to Level A2 at the end of the first volume and Level B1+ at the end of the second. Francofolie addresses topics from daily life and of interest to teenagers, while focusing on the differences and peculiarities of life in today’s France. There are numerous activities which are diverse and motivating; the À vous de jouer feature, the numerous illustrations, photos and humorous cartoon strips are further stimuli for the student. The language used is authentic and everyday, and includes juvenile language. Each level includes:  – LIVRE DE L’ÉLÈVE  – CAHIER D’EXERCICES The Cahier d’exercices mirrors the organization of the Livre de l’élève, offering additional, complementary and supplementary activities. The last pages include preparation activities for DELF and a final test. Two interactive CD-ROMs accompany and complete the course.  – NEW L'usine à tests allows teachers to prepare custom tests easily by choosing the tasks according to the type of class. There are exercises of listening, grammar, vocabulary and translation. Once you have selected the exercises, the computer prepares the tests (ranked A and B) with solutions. – LIVRE DU PROFESSEUR The teacher’s guide is an invaluable aid in preparing and managing lessons. A separate dossier presents the Fiches d’évaluation and the Projets  Internet .  – FRANCOFOLIO A booklet that is intended as a tool to help the student compile his official Portfolio, assessing his progress in language learning. 


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