Pandy the Panda

Pandy the Panda is a three-level course for pre-school children aged

between 3 and 5 which offers a wide range of materials to ensure

enjoyable lessons for very young learners.


Pupil’s Book + Audio CD

• Highly illustrated in full colour.

• Photos to link vocabulary and situations to the real world.

• Stories and age-appropriate activities.

• Songs and chants for use in class and at home.


Activity Book

• Reinforcement of each unit’s target language.

• Pen-to-paper activities; pre-reading, pre-writing.

Teacher’s Book + Audio CD

• Four colour, interleaved with Pupil’s Book.

• Step-by-step notes for all materials.

• Routines, use of the Pandy Puppet, extra ideas and materials.



• Full-colour Flashcards; double-sided Story Cards; Posters.


Teacher’s Digital Book

• All course material, for Interactive Whiteboard or computer.

• ‘Heads-up’ interactive lessons.


Pandy the Panda App

Pandy the Panda now accompanies children everywhere on their

tablets. Listen, sing-along and interact with Panda and his friends.

The chance to repeat the fun activities helps very young children

retain target words and phrases.

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