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The complete Teacher's guide (Beginners level A1) in paperback format.

The guide contains advice and suggestions on how to get the best from the course and all its various components. Instructions for each unit are provided together with a picture of the relevant pages in the textbook - complete with answers - for easy reference. The guide also includes suggestions for other activities and photocopiable material, audio transcriptions where not already provided in the coursebook, transcriptions of the cultural videos, and answers to all the exercises from the workbook section of the coursebook.


An interactive PDF version of the complete teacher's guide is also available for free directly from the publisher's website, which is downloadable and can be used on a PC/MAC or tablet. By clicking on the interactive icons you can listen to the audio tracks, go directly to related activities, and visit the webpages to use the tests and assessment resources. Simply visit the "materiali per insegnanti e scuole" section of the publisher's website to find free digital version of the Teacher's Guide.

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